hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pure Joy

Hey everyone! I am just so happy today. I am learning more and more everyday about good nutrition and healthy lifestyles! I had to praise God this morning for bringing me to this place in my life and finally allowing me to see some victory in this lifelong battle! I know some people can't stand a morning person so I am sorry if this is a little much at 8:30 AM.. haha!

As much as I love this healthy eating life (ooh.. new bumper sticker? NAH), I have found that it can be very expensive so I am working on ways to reduce our grocery budget. One of those things is going to be an attempt to grow a few of my own vegetables this year. If that goes well, I may try a REAL garden next year! I have never had a green thumb but you never know.. God may be ready to let me win that battle too! :)

One of the amazing finds for vegetables and fruits is a store called Aldi. Some of you may have shopped there but I really hadn't paid it any mind in the past. Almost all of their fruits and vegetables are half or less than what you pay in another store! For example - BIG box of strawberries.. $1.19!! Score!

Here are a couple of fun easy dishes I made this week!

Sausage stir fry -

l pound ground sausage - (2 if you want some the next day!)
snow peas
red pepper flakes
mixed spices

Brown the sausage, drain, throw in all the vegetables and let them soften! YUM.. oh my, we had this for breakfast the next day too!

This one makes me VERY happy! Zucchini or squash chips! 

Slice the vegetable, put it in a plastic bag with a tablespoon of Olive oil, throw in some spices red pepper, Mrs. Dash, whatever you like.  Shake the bag really well. Lay out the veges on a baking sheet and bake until crispy!

So that is my story for today! I am so happy and enjoying sharing my story with all of you! Blessing and peace as you complete this week!

~ Kelley