hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Monday, May 12, 2014

2.5 and still rolling on

Hey friends,

Well it has been a while since I have posted so I thought I would catch everyone up on how things are going. I am 2.5 months in to this new way of eating and I have lost 40 lbs! Amazing huh? I have been running for two years and I could not understand how I could not only not seem to lose weight but I kept gaining and my running of course never improved. Since quitting grains and sugar, I have so much energy and I love the foods that I eat. I have gone from barely running 2 miles to running 5.1 miles as of this past Saturday!! I still have around 60 pounds to lose and I want to complete a 5k with NO WALKING and then a 10k so the goals are still there and I am really enjoying the journey.

One thing I have really been working on is my relationship with God. I want to glorify Him in this journey so I spend some of my work out time praying for others and just asking God to bless and use this journey as another testimony for Him. I love the Lord above all else, and I so want to please Him in all that I do. If you do not know this amazing God who changed me so very much.. please ask me about Him! I used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol, not a good wife, mother or friend and the Lord took all of that and made me who I am today. I am truly amazed at His power in my life.

Another thing I noticed is that as I continue to eat this way, I am more comfortable tweaking my diet to make sure I am eating in the best way for me to burn calories and still get enough nutrients to be strong and healthy. For example, at first I really relied heavily on bread substitutes like socca (chickpea flat bread), plantain crackers, and things like that. After the 6-7th week I found that my weight loss had kind of stalled so I removed those items which are high in carbs and immediately began to see results again. I am thankful I had those things in the beginning though because it really made a difference in the transition from grains. Both my husband and I have really cut down on fruits as well. We still eat a lot of berries but we steer clear of the higher sugar fruits like bananas, apples, grapes, and pineapple.

Also, I am trying to adjust my brain to accept that FAT is GOOD FOR YOU. This is difficult because I have had low fat, low cal pressed into my brain since birth. What I now know for a fact is that when I eat healthy fats such as coconut oils, meats, avocados, etc. I not only stay full longer but I lose weight faster. It is all about trial and error for me. I do not follow a specific plan completely. I steal what works for me from all of them and go with it!

Anyway... that is my story and I am sticken' to it! I hope this inspires you to really think about what you eat. Nobody needs to eat processed foods but not everyone needs to cut out as much as I have. Just know that if you are feeling sick and unhealthy the first place to start is your diet.

Many blessings and love...

Kelley aka Gypsy