hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Very Own Love Story

Amazing how things change in such a short time....after 6 years of peaceful and content singleness, I decided to begin dating last year. I met some really awesome people but for whatever reason, it just did not fit. Until one day when this aquaintance of mine commented on one of my facebook posts. I honestly was not sure I really wanted to step out again, I had tried to date and it just didn't work out. He came to my church every Sunday to see me and I basically ignored him because I was afraid. So over time as we began to talk, I continued to avoid him when he wanted to get together. Then a very wise friend and sister of mine told me that I needed to stop shutting people out and let down my guard. I prayed about it and then I asked him out to lunch. We met at a local fast food resturaunt and we talked the entire hour. He was so kind to me and it was like he saw me for the person I always wanted to be but was never really sure I could be. I began to get excited about seeing him and we continued to date, going to dinner with the kids, movies and church. Eventually he became a part of my family. It happened so naturally, no forcing it just like he was meant to be there. We began to get together at 5:00 am to pray and study the bible together. These moments have become so vital to our relationship. Today he is my best friend, my partner, the love I never thought I would have. I am so thankful every single day that God saw fit to give me another chance to love. I pray that by loving someone else, I can glorify my Lord and grow in my faith. This relationship is not perfect, we have our ups and downs but one thing my time alone taught me is that all relationships take work, committment and a decision that you are going to stick it out, no matter what. Life is good today...I am looking so forward to the future and whatever God has in store for this family.

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