hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

growing pains

Dear Lord,

I just come to you now and I lift up to You my children. Lord please melt their hearts where they have become hard. Please guide me to raise them to be the people You desire them to be. Lord You knew them before me, they are Your creations, help me to know them without smothering them, love them while giving them room to fall, stand back while still being close enough to catch them. God You know the pain of my heart. Please God help me endure these times with a silent strength that comforts my children. Close my mouth when I want to guilt them into talking to me. God please be my sounding board, be my Rock. Lord, please let me know deep inside that they will come through this and You are with them, never leaving their side. God I give you my boys and I ask You to make them Your men. Thank you for the time I had to be their mommy, please keep them close to me always.

I love you so much Lord.
Thank you
In Jesus Holy Name,

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