hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Monday, January 17, 2011

My First Blog

Well, I came across this site after adding a parent of one of my children's church students to my Facebook. I was impressed by her willingness to publish her thoughts and I thought it was a wonderful way to connect and communicate who you really are to other people. I am often in a whirl wind of activity so getting to know the real me can be difficult at best. So who am I?? I am Kelley Steen, God's child and servant. I am in love with the Lord and although I spend most of time picking myself up from my stumbling, He still loves me and even now I can feel His presence in my soul.

I am also Mom. I have four of the most awesome and unique kids in the world. David is my oldest, he will turn 13 this week. He is living with his dad now at his request because he just felt like something was missing in his life. David has always been my mirror, I saw myself in him so many times, and it was usually the best parts of me. His compassion for people, deep emotional attachments and his strength in adversity are gifts that the Lord has given our little family in abundance.

My beautiful middle boy is Adam. Poor Adam has had it rough from the beginning. Being a middle child and looking completely different from anyone in the family with his blond hair and striking blue eyes, he always felt a bit like an outsider. Thankfully, I am a middle child too and I can relate to his feelings and calm him down quicker than anyone. Unfortunately most people mistake his cautiousness and insecurity as brattiness and disrespect so he has had a hard time forming relationships with other adults. The Lord has been working on Adam though and over the past year I have seen him becoming a young man with confidence and self respect.

My youngest boy John has always been the baby of the family, that is until his little sister Isabelle arrived. John still claims his role as the youngest male and fights for his right to be a little spoiled. It is not hard with his good looks and sweet eyes. John too has grown in his knowledge of the Lord and I can see a real man of God coming up in Him.

Last but not at all least is Princess Isabelle. I thank the Lord everyday for giving me a little girl. She is strong willed, demanding and LOUD but she is also sweet, caring, smart and loves nothing more than hugging her mama. At a time in my life when I deserved less than nothing, God presented me with a gift more precious than rubies or gold.

Well, this is my family. We are broken, sinners stuggling everyday to come closer to the Lord. I thought that if I am going to start blogging, I better introduce the characters in the story. I pray that as you read you will see the hand of God over a family who is truly living to serve Him.

happy reading...be blessed.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.