hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trying new things!!!

Hello!! Happy Sunday! I hope your day was awesome despite the chilly rain!! I used the time this afternoon to try some new things and I would love to share them with you!

First off, Kale Chips! Yummo! So easy to make and they really do taste like potato chips. I know you don't believe it! Try me!

1 bunch of kale
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp sea salt

wash and dry Kale. Make sure you dry it really good with a salad spinner or paper towels. My first batch was not as great because they were still damp. 

Cut the leaves away from the thick stock, spray with olive oil and toss with sea salt. Bake at 400 for 15 mins. 


We also LOVE stuffed mushrooms so I made some today using sausage, green chilies, onions and I traded the traditional cheese for a little hummus salad dressing. Wonderful!

Now, I told you yesterday I am not crazy about cooking meats but today I dove in to another area where I am not really comfortable... fish! We found some wild caught Sole at Trader Joe's today. We also found some tri-color quinoa and decided to cook these together. For the fish Pat coated with lemon juice and a little olive oil and then added curry spice and seasonings. 

It was fabulous! I am liking this "new thing" thing. LOL!

Finally, my darling hubby has been craving something sweet! So I found a cookie recipe and traded out flour for almond flour, sugar for stevia, and egg for flax and water... He LOVES them. I also used vegan butter instead of shortening but I wont do that again. It came out a little too greasy. 

Ginger Molasses Cookies

Well, I am exhausted! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!! 

<3 Kelley


  1. love love the recipe and all your blogging Kelley. :) I have yet to try the kale chips but they sound good.

  2. Thank you so much!! I appreciate you reading!! :)