hands around the cross

hands around the cross

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekends were supposed to be hard?

I always thought when starting a new lifestyle that weekends were the hardest because we are home with our families and doing what we normally do just seems to be easier but I have found that I love feeling good physically, mentally and spiritually so much that I really don't mind not vegging out on the couch and eating potato chips until I go into a coma. Seriously.. that was like a favorite past time!

So anyways... Friday night we came home and made some AWESOME spinach meatballs! I put it together with quinoa and fresh green beans... yum!

The meatball recipe came from my friend Beth and you can find lots of awesome recipes on her site...

The Quinoa is Ancient Harvest brand.. pretty good except it came out a little hard. I cooked it in my Tupperware rice cooker so I am going to try stove top tonight!

What a gorgeous weekend this has been! I was blessed to spend the day yesterday with my sweet daughter, hanging out at the thrift store, home and going to our church The Revolution http://www.revolutionraleigh.com/ in the evening. We had a blast! I got my new supplement Spark! in the mail and I love it! I have tons of energy and Issy and I even went for a 3 mile run/walk (she on her bike) in the afternoon yesterday!

Me and my Spark.. message me if you want to know about this...

I have a love/hate relationship with running.. more love than hate, especially when I am done!

Last night Pat and I stayed up crazy late (for us) because Pat was putting grommets on my Bikers For Christ vest and he did an excellent job! We were watching TV while he worked and needed a snack, so we went with rice crackers and hummus. I don't go over the recommended serving of the crackers and amazingly I never want to anymore! 

These are our favorites! I am working on getting a food processor and a dehydrator so I can make our own crackers and hummus! Can't wait!

 Then Pat and I rode to Freedom Biker Church in Fayetteville (http://www.freedombikerchurchfayetteville.com/) today and decided to stop for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant El Charro. Yes! We can still eat out! We got the lunch fajitas no cheese, no rice and no tortillas. The poor little waitress had to come back 3 times and make sure she got that right! LOL but it was a delicious treat and I could not even finish! 

Well, that is my adventures for the weekend! More to come!!! Love you all and God bless!! 


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